Naturally Nourished is your ultimate healthy hang out.

Whether you are catching up with friends or looking for a nourishing dish on the go, we are your one stop shop to fuel up and replenish your energy stores.

Our Ethos

At Naturally Nourished, quality of produce is at the forefront of what we do. We strongly believe no dish is ever better than its produce so we source the best possible ingredients locally, ensuring the highest quality and freshest flavour and texture, so you are receiving the best possible food experience. Add to this a conscious mindset of contributing to empower the slow food movement by ensuring our ingredients are coming from small artisan suppliers.

Our Food

We have designed a balanced menu of seasonally inspired hot and cold dishes, using lots of fresh fruit and veg, warming spices, healing herbs, healthy proteins, fueling complex carbohydrates and nourishing fats.

We have both organic speciality coffee and coffee roasted just a few miles from our door on offer so our customers get the best choice.
Our healthy snacks are created with the needs of the consumer in mind, ensuring they are satisfying, low g.i. and macro balanced meaning they will keep you fueled until your next meal, without giving any sugar spikes that will inevitably lead to a crash shortly after.

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