Locally Sourced Produce

We source all of our ingredients from small trusted local suppliers

Meats & Poultry

English Market: The chicken inn, O’ Mahony’s butchers


Toonsbridge dairy, Cashel blue cheese & Cooleeny Farm


The real olive co.

Balsamics & Oils

The real olive co.

Chorizo and cured meats

The real olive co.

Free range eggs

English Market

Organic nuts, seeds & quinoa

Independent Irish health foods

Superfood powders, bee pollen etc

Independent Irish health foods

Whole earth organic and organics kombucha

Independent Irish health foods

Fruit and veg

All fresh


Arbutus bakery


Soma coffee company, Cork


Teapigs biodegradable premium teas & Pukkah organic

Spices, coconut oil etc

Mr bells

Packaging Vegware compostables

Down to earth materials

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